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“It actually started out because my mum was looking for a natural perfume and couldn’t find anything she liked. So I came on board to help her and realised that it wasn’t as simple as I thought – so decided to make one for her!”

As the season's change, so too should your skincare! When the temperature and humidity drop, the moisture in our skin also takes a hit... here's five sure-fire ways to retain moisture and reduce dryness this winter! 
Sometimes you might put off self-care because you “don’t have the time” so it’s important to find quick self-care activities. There are so many self-care activities that you can participate in but here are our top 5 self-care activities that you can do in only a few minutes.
Why is skin hydration important? Skin hydration is important because it makes you look (and feel) healthier. In order to have plump, supple skin, which is firm to the touch, you must properly hydrate your skin. When your skin is hydrated, you're less likely to experience the signs of aging (like wrinkles and saggy skin).
Not only does our face cleanser double as a natural face mask, it's made with luscious oils to give it a moisturising effect. Skinperfection is different to other face cleansers, makeup removers, and face masks because it doesn't dry out your skin. In fact, it does the opposite!

Magnesium is in every single organ in the body and it is a vital mineral for ongoing health and wellbeing - physically, mentally and emotionally. More than half of the population of the western world is deficient in magnesium, and that means they will also be deficient in other nutrients, such as calcium – as magnesium is essential for calcium uptake. Basically, you need magnesium in your body if you want it to function correctly and healthily, and to age well, and if you want to prevent disease, illness and immobility in later life.

A menstrual cup to some people may look more suited to holding a boiled egg or perhaps take a tequila shot out of. But, in fact it's a life-changing product that all women need to know about!

We know that many of you are always looking for the next big thing in the world of beauty treatments - and we at Neat might just have found it! Say hello to NZ Marine Collagen & Vitamin C! 

For decades, apple cider vinegar has been relegated to salad dressings and sauces. However, in the last few years it's become a popular weapon in the dieter's arsenal. Not just for foodies anymore, this powerful vinegar packs a serious punch!
Have you heard of Palo Santo? If you speak Spanish, you might be able to to tell that the name literally means "Holy Wood". This South American tree has been beloved by native people for centuries with properties that can seem like pure magic.

Purple foods contain the antioxidant anthocyanin which helps keep your heart strong, combats free radicals and can lower the risk of arthritis.

Studies have also shown that this powerful nutrient may help reduce the risk of developing serious diseases including diabetes and cancer.