Good Vibe Raising Palo Santo Diffuser Oil

Want to Raise the Vibes around you?!

Neat's GOOD VIBE RAISING Palo Santo Smudge Diffuser Oil is the perfect way to infuse the good vibes through your home and environment.

Our everyday special diffuser oil blend will lift the energy, and bring high vibes to any situation, while filling the room with warm, nostalgic aromas that will calm the senses.

We have combined Palo Santo Oil with Copaiba Balsam Oil and our special blend of Lavender, Patchouli and Peppermint - our most uplifting blend and our favourite mix to burn everyday in our own home!! 

  • 20ml pure oil blend in glass dropper bottle

Shake well and drop 5 or so drops of oil into your diffuser, adding water according to your manufacturers instructions. Add more oil if you like it stronger!



  • Palo Santo: Grounding and Calming, Promotes Positive Energies
  • Copaiba Balsam: Alleviate Depression, Boost Energy
  • Lavender: Calming and Relaxing, Alleviate Anxious Feelings
  • Patchouli: Calming and Grounding - good for prayer and meditation
  • Peppermint: Perk up the Senses, Alleviate Anxious Feelings

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A.H. (Auckland, NZ)
Instant mood lifter

I love how a little goes a long way. I popped
some in the diffuser and placed it in the lounge. Love how it lifts a mood and makes the “air” lighter lifting the heaviness. Needless to say i found the diffuser in my bedroom today, the husbea used it while relaxing in our lazy boy. :-)

Smells yuck

For some reason, this oil doesn't do it for me or my family. I put a few drops in my defuser as per directions and as soon as my kids came home, they noticed the smell and complained. It's not a lovely sweet smelling fragrance like one I've used in the past. It smells musty like an abandoned 1920"s wardrobe. So gutted I can't use it.

Hi Jill, sorry you didn't get the best from our product, we are looking to expand our diffuser range in the future with more scent options. I appreciate the review. All the best. x

Best long lingering smell ever!

This is truly amazing, the smells lingers alot and makes the rooms smell amazing and fresh!

Thanks again Daphne

Using everyday

Winter rain, dark afternoons, generally weary and grumpy children.. I’ve used this everyday to put a calming scent through the house. Smells nice and makes me feel like a little bit of sanctuary amongst the chaos. A little goes a long way in my atomiser.

Thanks Kelly, we all need some calm amongst the chaos, so glad this is helping. Enjoy.

Jess w

I highly recommend for the bedroom when kids are raising them blood pressures lol or just when you need to chill out lifts the bad mood and makes the good vibes come in thank you Abby I love this product so much

Oh that's so great to hear!!! IYKYK... it just hits different huh <3 so pleased ya love it Jess!! Ngā mihi


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