Are your products safe during pregnancy? 

Our skincare range is safe to use while pregnant but you may wish to avoid the Organic Cacay Face and Hair Oil as it contains retinoids (which it is recommended to avoid retinol)
Our Collagen, Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid Supplement is not safe for use during pregnancy.
Our Magnesium range may not be suitable for those pregnant or breastfeeding due to the essential oils used (please check with your trusted medical professional who is advising you during your pregnancy)

In what order should I be using my skincare products?

For body products - Shaving oil first, then Hemp Body oil

Where can I find the ingredients list for your products?

You will find the list of ingredients for each product on the individual product page.

I already have oily skin. Won’t using oils on my skin make it worse?

Using oil-based products on oily skin is actually a great way to calm skin down, as you signal to the skin to stop over-producing the oils itself, and over-time oil production should reduce.

Are your products cruelty- free?

Yes! We do not: Test any product ingredient s or final products on animals. Pay anyone else to test any product ingredients or final products on animals. Have a parent company that conducts or funds animal testing. Sell their products in mainland China

Are your products vegan?

A Majority are - but a few are not, and they are listed below: Collagen, Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid Supplement (contains fish) Skinperfection Mineral Cleanser (contains cera bellina wax, a bi-product of beeswax)

What does small batch mean?

It means we make small batches, often! Usually we make our skincare products weekly, so you are receiving the freshest and highest quality of ingredient that's not been sitting around for months.

Do you offer trial sizes?

Yes we do - for all skincare products (except Night Oil), and all fragrances. We do not offer trial size for Supplements or other brands we stock.

Should I get a spray perfume or roller?

There is a bit of a difference between purchasing a spray versus a 100% pure perfume oil (roller or 1ml sample). Some prefer to use a spray so it clings to clothing, and others like to use a roller which stays on the skin longer. Alcohol is used in all spray perfumes, as that is what carries the scent and allows it to disperse, as you can't spray a pure oil. Once the scent is sprayed the alcohol evaporates and you are left just with the aroma settling. It is possible for some people to smell alcohol a lot stronger than others do, but for most people that disappears very fast, leaving just the aroma compounds to settle in and leaving a full bodied scent. It's best to not spray the perfume too close to the skin, instead spraying from a distance of about 15-20cm and once that evaporates as intended.. you should just smell the fragrance left behind. Spraying too close to the skin and smelling it right away, hasn't allowed enough time for the scent to develop or settle.With a roller perfume it is just pure perfume oil, undiluted (as it doesn't need a carrier like a spray) - so you may find that stronger, and while it won't have the same 'scent-drift' that a spray does, it will be much stronger for you to personally smell. It is simply personal preference really as to which option you prefer ;)

The shaving oil is making my shower floor slippery:

The oils shouldn’t be applied in such quantities that there is enough to wash off at all once applied to skin.We recommend you step out from under any running water when you apply it, so the water can’t splash the oil away onto the floor, before it reaches your skin. Apply no more than 1-2 pumps of oil into your hand and rub hands together, before applying to the area you need to shave. When used in this way, there should be no oil going on the floor at all.

My razor is clogging when I use shaving oil:

This can take a little playing around to get right for each individual - just because we all have different things going on, such as different hair thickness, different water temp, different water pressure etc.

The first thing would be to make sure you're not using too much oil - excess oil just goes straight into the razor, so you only need to apply just the right amount for each area - and it's usually less than what you think it is. Oil goes a really long way, so start off with less.

The other tip would be that as you are shaving and then rinsing in between - hold the BACK of the razor up to the water to clear it between shaves, rather than the front face of the razor - it will clear faster with water hitting it from the back. Some people find swishing it in a cup/bath/basin of water works best for them, but it depends on where and how you shave really.

The first time you use the oil you may have a lot of dead skin build up that will come off in the razor (especially on legs), but this will improve with each use as your legs become more moisturised. We recommend using it as an in-shower moisturiser on non-shaving days to help with this.

If you still find it's giving you issues, you can always shave and then apply the shaving oil as a post-shave oil once done, it will still ensure beautiful soft and moisturised skin, and reduce rashes.

Are all of your products Natural?

No they are not - our Fierce Fragrances are a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients.  They have been crafted to be hypoallergenic, so they don't contain the usual natural allergens that cause a reaction in those with allergies. Instead they contain some skin-safe synthetic ingredients so they can be worn by those with sensitivities and allergies, who may not normally be able to wear fragrances.

All other products aside from Fierce Fragrances, are 100% natural.

What products are eligible for the custom skincare bundle?

The products that are eligible for the custom skincare bundle include:

  • Organic Cacay Face & Hair Oil 50ml
  • Revolutionary Shower & Shaving Oil 200ml & 500ml
  • Skinperfection Daily Mineral Cleanser & Face Mask 100ml
  • Hempseed & Aloe Vera Body Oil 100ml
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum 50ml
  • Organic Rose & Cucumber Toning Mist 50ml & 100ml
  • Night Owl: Pore Refining Night Oil 20ml

All other products are not eligible for the custom bundle discount.


How do I choose local pick up?

Select that as your shipping option when checking out, and once we have your order ready you will receive an email notification with instructions and the code to unlock the secure lockbox. 

When will my order be shipped?

We ship your order as fast as we can, and usually within 1 business day of receiving it. If you have any issues with your order you need to email

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping within New Zealand, once you spend $100 on product in your cart, that option will automatically show at the checkout.

What is your shipping policy?

New Zealand shipping is FREE when you spend over $100, otherwise it is just $8.50 for a flat rate nationwide tracked courier.

Australian tracked Courier is $23
We are not currently shipping worldwide, unless by special arrangement - please contact us to discuss options.

We aim to ship the same day your order is placed, or the next business day with delivery target 1-2 days urban delivery, and 3-5 days rural.

We use NZ Post nationwide, and you will be emailed a tracking link. Please advise if your package has not arrived within 3 days so we can find it faster.

Our parcels are sent WITHOUT signature delivery, so will usually be left that the door if no one is home. Please ensure there is a safe place for your parcel to be left, or set up an Authority and giving instructions to the courier about where it's safe to leave your parcels. You can set this up once for all deliveries, or just for a one-off delivery.

Can I come into your factory to buy products?

No you can't, all orders must be placed online.

Do you have a shop in New Plymouth?

No we don't - we are a factory so all orders must be placed online, or make use of one of our stockists if you wish to shop in-store (perhaps check with them to see what stock they have as they all stock different things). We do have a local pick-up option, and you can collect your order from our secure lock-box once it's ready (and you will receive instructions by email).


What is your refund policy?

Read the full refund policy here.

Gift cards are non refundable.


Can I return my empty skincare bottles:

We do not have the facility to receive empty bottles back, sorry. Please wash and recycle with your usual glass and plastics accordingly.It is a very water-intensive process to get a bottle back to sterile and is not necessarily better for the environment to return empties and wash them for re-use unless you have a very good process to manage it, which we don't. We are working on refill options.We currently have a refill for the toner, and we have a refill for the shaving oil. Other refill options are in the pipeline as we identify the best options.Thanks so much and have a great day ahead

What is your packaging policy? 

We will always endeavour to use eco-friendly packaging to lessen our impact on the earth. We re-use packaging we receive, cardboard, and wood and paper products. We use plain boxes made right here in New Zealand. Our glass bottles are recyclable or you can re-use them or up-cycle them for another purpose. We source all bottles within New Zealand where we can, and only source our smallest perfume bottles and lids overseas as they are not available here. Our plastic bottles are recyclable also, but they are also made from a sturdy plastic which you may wish to reuse for another purpose, or refill. We are always looking at ways to improve our packaging so we are as efficient and earth-friendly as we can be.

How Do I Recycle Neat's Product Packaging in NZ?

Our glass bottles are all able to be recycled in NZ's kerbside collection.

All labels can be removed and recycled in Soft Plastic Recycling at any Woolworths Supermarkets

All lids can be recycled via Terracycle at Mecca, Or Sephora

Please follow the guidelines of each initiative, and ensure the packaging is empty and/or clean.


Do you do wholesale? 

We sure do - reach out to or submit your application by clicking here!

What currency is your pricing?

All pricing is in NZD and is inclusive of GST.

How does the build your bundle work?

Simply add 3 or more eligible skincare products to your cart and you will receive a cart discount.

Am I eligible for a discount on my first purchase?

Yes! Join our mailing list and you can get $10 off your first order with us (or any one order you choose to use the discount code on)

I’m having trouble with a promo code.

All discount codes must be entered as shown and cannot be used in conjunction with another discount code. If you have already used a code once, it likely won’t work again as most of our codes are for one use per account. If you are still having issues reach out to for assistance and send a screenshot of what you see

What are the benefits of Auto-shipments?

You can receive your products at a regular interval (in-line with your daily use) so that you never run out, and you can save $$ while doing so! the best way to work out how often to get them shipped, is once you have almost run out of the product, check your emails and find the last order confirmation email, and see how many days it was since you last ordered. Set that as the re-order interval. You can change or cancel at any time.

Where do I enter the discount code:

It depends on what device you are using to purchase from, as to where in the process the discount code field shows... but it's usually around the point where you add your shipping info. The field is GIFT CARD OR DISCOUNT CODE.

If you're on a phone it will be the mobile version but the field is called the same thing, enter the code there and proceed to checkout.

How does your subscription or auto-ship system work?

Check out our tutorial on how to use our new subscription system here.


What payment methods do you accept? 
  • Credit Card, Poli Internet Banking (instant bank transfer), Afterpay, Zip Pay
My credit card shows two charges, one is still pending:

It is the bank who has the hold on your funds, rather than us... it is meant to automatically remove itself once the transaction completes, but sometimes it gets stuck.  A quick call to your bank and they will be able to remove it for you.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Send us an email to tell us what's up and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

Please email us at