5 Tips to beat dry skin this Winter!

5 Tips to beat dry skin this Winter!



As the season's change, so too should your skincare! When the temperature and humidity drop, the moisture in our skin also takes a hit.

Cold winds, rain, snow, heat pumps... the list goes on and these environmental changes can leave your skin looking dull and dry.

This means winter is the time to prioritise moisturising and exfoliating to keep that glow shining bright.


#1: Let's start with the basics - drink more water! You've heard it time and time again, but it's true consuming more water can be a huge help to your skin.

#2: Avoid skincare products that contain alcohol which will only exasperate dryness. Instead, opt for oils and creams in your routine to up the moisture.  

#3: Don't forget about your hands! Apply hand cream after washing your hands. It's good to be extra cautious of germs in winter and double down on hand washing, but this can add to the dryness.

#4: Switch out the soap for a shower oil. Soaps can be extremely drying of the skin and strip it of all the natural, healthy oils. A shower oil is fantastic for cleansing and hydrating all in one step.

#5: Avoid super hot showers! It's so tempting to have the water piping hot when it's cold outside, but hot water strips the oils from your skin and can lead to dry, chapped and cracked skin! Keep it as cool as you can handle, it's better for your skin and hair!

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