Hempseed and Aloe Vera Body Oil with Harakeke and Kowhai

Fragrance Option

Neat Hempseed Oil & Aloe Vera Hand and Body Oil contains both Kowhai and Harakeke Extracts for increased skin rehydration, while moisturising, soothing and protecting.

Hempseed regenerates and energises the protective layer of the skin by giving it high doses of Omega 3 and 6 so is especially good for very dry and tired skin and nails..

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits of Aloe Vera promote healthy skin all year round, while the hydrating properties of Safflower aid in the treatment of eczema, acne, and psoriasis – while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and leaving the skin glowing.

We’ve taken our much-loved perfume oils (if you choose a fragranced option), and lovingly infused them into one of the most healing, nourishing and soothing oils yet! 

And, as always, our favourite base of Sweet Almond oil gives us loads of Vitamin-A to aid in the healthy regeneration of skin cells!

100ml Glass lotion pump with lid, or 20ml glass mini pump sample bottle 

Purchase our skincare mini sample set and save!

Available lightly scented in one of our natural fragrance options – or if required, take our fragrance-free option for super-sensitive skin.  OR take the option to add a Fierce Fragrance giving your body oil one of your favourite designer-inspired scents.

Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond oil), Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower oil, cold-pressed, organic), Cannabis Sativa (Organic cold-pressed hemp oil), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera Infused oil), Sophora mircophylia (Kowhai extract), Phormium tenax (Harakeke Extract), Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E, Antioxidant), optional: Parfum (Natural essential oil; or a blend of natural and skin-safe synthetics if Fierce is chosen)

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

I've been having trouble with my hands for the last few years.... dry, red, sometimes itchy, all in varying degrees, at varying times.
After using this oil once or twice a day for, like, a week, I am over the moon with the change in my hands!
Even my teenage daughter, who just a few weeks ago was having me on about my 'scaley ar*e skin' commented yesterday on how soft my hands were!
And the smell, I went with Wild & Free, which is absolutely divine!
Love, love, LOVE this product!!!

The Holy grail.. where have you been all my life??

1st up. If you are looking at the reviews on this oil.. you are doing your homework.. and my honest opinion.. this will not disappoint.. The fact you can add your own scent of choice is amazing.. I chose "kindness" similar to ysl opium..
OMG... im in heavan.. not only does it smell heavanly.. my skin is pretty happy about it too.. Its a no brainer.. if you dont believe me.. try it yourself..
Im out in the sun alot and that saggy crapey skin is regaining elasticity.. looking so much more smoother and evened out skin tone
Indulge.. buy some.. im so pleased i bought the big bottle.. i cant stop touching my skin.. its soo smooth and soft.. 🤗

Helen Alldridge

In love with this amazing hand & body oil !! It really is super moisturising without being greasy and I love how you choose the scent you want. I chose Iffy wood and it smells devine... thanks for all the NEAT products you make, it's so great to have a local making these fabulous products...cheers!

Hi Helen, thankyou for support us and leaving a review. xxx

Sarah Murphy
Finally found the best

I have the terribly dry legs and feet. Especially in summer I always look scaley and dry. I've tried every moisturizer it feels and nothing works better than this. It was instant, my skin just lapped it up and said ahhhhhhhh. I use it all the time. The fact I could order in my fav perfume sent is just incredible. Never changing.

We appreciate the review Sarah, thankyou. x

Silky and smooth

I have used many products over the years so wasn't very optimistic about this oil. I have been using it for the last few months now
and cannot believe the difference it has made to my skin, which was noticeable after only a week. It is such an amazing oil I never need to use or buy anything else
again. Every day l am so grateful l tried this. You will be too.

Thank you Alana - keep enjoying the product. :-)

Kelly L
Effective and luxurious

How lovely to have this beneficial oil match my Neat fragrance. Its lovely to layer up the scent - or often I just use the oil alone and thats enough smell for me.
I get little itchy patches on my legs - particulary in the winter, from dry skin. Usually its very sensitive and stings when I put moisturiser on - its lovely that this seems to soothe and takes care of the dry patches - without smelling like some of the medicated moisturisers do. So nice to put something on that works and smells nice too.

Great feedback Kelly, we are so pleased it is giving you the desired results. It's heaven when you find a product that works for your sensitive skin. :-)


Gorgeous scent (Wisdom), and it left my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated.. I have sensitive skin and it is so nice to be able to use a scented product that didn't make me itchy. I will definitely be purchasing again 😊

Thanks again Rachel.

Love it

Beautiful product, and love that you can get it with perfume fragrance smell to it and makes skin feel so soft and moisturized will be buying more

Thank you Linda, enjoy.

Omg devine!!

Used this for the first time last night after a bath. I had the gorgeous fragrance wisdom in mine, sunk right in and didnt leave me feeling greasy which I love. And I smelled devine!

Thanks again Leanne for rocking our products.

Another Goodie

Loving this oil in all ways!!! Feels so good to my skin. :)

Mmmm lovely and soft aye - thanks again for your feedback on my products. :-)


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