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As we age, our body’s ability to produce new collagen declines, and existing collagen begins to break down.  The loss of collagen effects skin, joints, and bones.

The decreased collagen may also lead to increased digestive problems, weakened immune systems, and increased risk of chronic illness.  Good news! Science has shown that collagen supplementation can protect against and reverse these effects. Our NZ Marine Collagen which is a type 1 collagen, is made of collagen peptides derived from fish and has the most efficient absorption of all collagen types. Marine Collagen is environmentally friendly and sustainable as it uses parts of the fish that are normally thrown away. Mixed with Vitamin C for bio-availability and absorption by the body.

Neat's marine collagen provides moisturising benefits for both skin and hair. With its polysaccharides, vitamins and essential sea minerals, it aids in the healing and structural integrity of connective tissue. Collagen is the main natural protein that makes up ligaments, joint, hair, skin and nails and provides our bodies with structural support.

  • Boosts collagen production naturally.
  • Strengthens nail and hair follicles, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • Regenerates joints and cartilage, reduces arthritic pain, nourishes connective tissue, improves endurance and vitality.


HACCP, HALAL, Ministry for Primary Industries N.Z., PH35, EU/USA certified. ALLERGENS - Fish / Seafood

Neat Marine collagen is made from marine collagen peptides, and fortified with Vitamin C, to promote natural collagen production. It comes from fish wild harvested in New Zealand waters, from a bi-product of the fishing industry, and it goes through a hydrolisation process where the collagen is transformed into collagen peptides, aka hydrolysed collagen. These peptides, with help from the cofactor vitamin C (ascorbic acid) act as building blocks of new collagen in the body.

Our sustainably sourced New Zealand fish species used in our Marine Collagen are: Galeorhinus galeus, Mustelus lenticulatus, Callorhinchus millii, Prionace glauca, Carcharhinus falciformis - the parts of the fish that are used would have otherwise been waste product from the fishing industry that would be discarded.  All our Marine Collagen Powder is produced to human grade standard.


Powder versus Capsule - which one is best?
It is personal preference - but a capsule is much more convenient, and doesn't have all the added preservatives, additives, or excipients that might be in a Collagen powder drink to turn it into something palatable... A capsule can be taken anywhere, is easy to use while travelling the globe, and you don't need to mix anything!

When should I take Marine Collagen?
It is best to take on an empty stomach before bed, or as directed by your trusted health professional.

Is it safe to take Marine Collagen while pregnant or breastfeeding?
It is not recommended to take a Marine Collagen supplement while pregnant, as we cannot guarantee the safety of our product on the growing baby - Marine Collagen may trigger a severe fish allergy if taken while pregnant. If you wish to use these during pregnancy please check with your GP, or trusted health professional first and take as directed by them. Before consuming Marine Collagen while breastfeeding we also suggest speaking with your health professional and provided they have no concerns, take as directed.

Why does it also contain Vitamin C?
Although Vitamin C itself has many benefits and is a powerful anti oxidant, we add it to our collagen formula because the vitamin activates the collagen, to ensure absorption and usefulness. Taking collagen without vitamin C would have little or no benefits. 

Is taking Marine Collagen harmful for the ocean or fish? 
No, it is sustainable source taken from a part of the fish that would usually be disgarded, and will cause no harm any marine environment.

What are peptides?
Peptides are collagen that has been Hydrolyzed to form a soluble, easily digestible and highly bioactive form of collagen. The process of hydrolysis involves breaking down the molecular bonds between individual collagen strands which makes it more bioactive, meaning it's easier for the body to adsorb it. 

Are there any drug interactions?
It may amplify the effects of calcium supplements, please check with a GP or trusted health professional if you take any.

What is the Dosage?
These capsules have 1100mg NZ Marine Collagen + 50mg Vitamin C per serving.  Daily recommended serving is 2 capsules at night on an empty stomach.  (Please note: it is still possible to take them after eating, and at an alternate time - you willl still get he benefits).

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by any medical authority, and are for educational purposes only. This product is not a medicine, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always read the label and take only as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects see you healthcare professional. If you are on medication or suffer any major health concerns, review the product with your doctor first.

Dietary Supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Any supplements should be taken alongside a healthy lifestyle, and any illness or injury should be discussed with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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