Life changing product: Menstrual cups

Life changing product: Menstrual cups

A menstrual cup to some people may look more suited to holding a boiled egg or perhaps take a tequila shot out of. But, in fact it's a life-changing product that all women need to know about!

When first introduced to the idea of menstrual cups, weird questions may spring to mind. How does it go up? Does it hurt? How do I empty it? These questions are totally normal and so is most women's fear of their own menstrual blood. All that aside, women need to be educated on the impact traditional period products have on the environment and on the body.

According to the World Health Organization, 20,000 people die from cancer and miscarriages each year as a result of the pesticides used when growing traditional cotton that can be found in pads and tampons. If that fact doesn't scare you enough, more than 45 billion tampons or sanitary pads are used every year across the globe resulting in 3.2 million kilograms of waste. These facts are part of the reason that many women make the switch from traditional period products to menstrual cups. Another interesting fact is that tampons absorb 35% of your natural moisture causing a pH imbalance. They also leave behind fibers and can cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome) - pretty scary right?

Not only are menstrual cups good for the environment, they are also great on your bank account! A menstrual cup is a one-off cost of around $45 and lasts over 10 years! Whereas traditional period products can cost $10-$20 per period. That's a saving of over $1500 over 10 years.

A few things to expect if it is your first time using a menstrual cup

Patience is a virtue

The first few times using a menstrual cup may be difficult. Trying to get the correct position, shape and angle may take a few times to perfect! Watching Youtube videos on how to fold the cup for insertion is a great idea and once mastered you'll be able to do it in your sleep!

Leaks can happen

Especially the first few times! It may be a good idea to wear a small panty liner the first few times you try your cup. Some people will take like a duck to water, but others may find it slightly fiddly to begin with.

Once it's in you can’t feel it

Switching from pads and tampons is like graduating from nappies to normal underwear - once it is in you cannot feel a thing! This is why so many cup users say these products are life changing and many forget they are on their period at all!

Surprisingly easy to remove

People assume because there is no string to pull on menstrual cups are difficult to remove. This is all a myth! Simply use your vaginal muscles to push your cup downwards and with clean hands, squeeze the base of the cup to break its seal and pull out gently.

There's really not that much blood

On average we lose only 60ml or 4 tablespoons of blood each period – so your cup might look pretty empty even after 12 hours of wear. Although tampons and pads often look completely saturated in blood, it is almost impossible your cup will become completely full on removal.

You are going to want to tell EVERYONE about it

We aren't lying when we say this product is LIFE CHANGING and as soon as you get the hang of your menstrual cup, you will be raving about it too!

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