Apply to join our Ambassador Program

We want to empower our community to do what they love more effectively, while using our Neat products!

As a Brand Ambassador you would represent Neat, and showcase our products in a way that fits our values and ethos, and in return you would earn Neat rewards, Swag, discounts and even cash!

When you become a Neat Ambassador you are issued with a 10% discount code which you and your friends, family and community can use immediately! Pop this in your social profiles and share it with your community however you wish, and you will earn Neat Swag like free perfumes, supplements, skincare products and t-shirts - when you hit legendary milestones.

AND Become one of our biggest fans... and you can earn cash on all Neat products sold using your code.

If this sounds like you - apply now! Make sure you tell us a bit about yourself in the comments, and include any links to your relevant social accounts or blogs if you have any! x