Why Mushroom Coffee Is the New Flat White!

Why Mushroom Coffee Is the New Flat White!

Why Mushroom Coffee Is The New Flat White

Sometimes, things you love just don't go well together.

  • Tabasco and ice cream?
  • Cocktails and volleyball?
  • Children and big nights out?

But then again, some weird combinations can be a real surprise.

You love mushrooms. You love coffee. But you probably can't imagine putting them together right? Think again!

Mushroom Coffee? Come Again?

You might feel a bit grossed out at the thought of dipping a chunk of portobello in your cup of coffee, but trust us on this!

Mushroom coffee takes its cue from traditional Chinese medicine.

By blending together dried mushroom powder with black coffee, this drink offers you some major health benefits.

You won't need to worry about the mushroom taste either - the mushrooms in question have been selected for their health-boosting properties, not their fungal flavour.

Spray drying techniques take away the 'shroomy flavour, giving you just what you want: a delicious mug of coffee, but with a few added bonuses.

Energy Without So Much Caffeine

If drinking coffee is part of your daily routine you've probably worried from time to time about the amount of caffeine that you're consuming. One major benefit of mushroom coffee is that it has half the caffeine per serving than regular coffee. With about 50mg of caffeine per 250ml cup, it has a similar level to green tea.

Less caffeine means fewer side effects to worry about - but on the plus side, mushroom coffee can actually give you more of an energy boost. That's all thanks to the properties of the mushrooms that are used.

What's So Great About These Mushrooms Then?

Forget the magic mushrooms that you've heard about - these are the real deal!

Different types of mushrooms are used in the preparation of the drink, but they're not the sort that you'll usually find on your dinner table. These medicinal mushrooms all have great benefits for your health. Some of these benefits are pretty much universal.

For example, cordyceps mushrooms stimulate your adrenal glands, leaving you pepped up and ready to go, but without any caffeine headaches to ruin your day.

Mushrooms are great for vitamins and minerals, boosting your levels of copper, potassium and selenium, as well as calcium. Plus, mushroom coffee is free from fat and cholesterol, so if you're watching your waistline, this is a diet-friendly drink that won't make you pile on the kilos!

Some other advantages depend on the specific fungi in your drink.

What Blend Should I Choose?

Well that all depends on the benefits you’re after. Below are the Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee blends we currently offer and just some of their benefits to get you started:

Mushroom Coffee With Cordyceps

For centuries Cordyceps have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and have some great benefits for controlling cholesterol, blood sugar and inflammation. Also an antioxidant, Cordyceps help fight cell damage and that means it has great anti-aging potential!

Ground Mushroom Coffee With Lion’s Mane

If you need focus, you'll want to reach for a cup of this Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola Root blend. A favourite with Buddhist monks, the Lion Mane mushroom promotes concentration, making it ideal for exam season or intense days at work. Add the antioxidant Rhodiola and you have a potent blend that helps protect you from stress and illness.

Ground Coffee With Lion’s Mane & Chaga

Adding the productivity boosting properties of the Lion’s Mane to Chaga is a powerful combination. The dual extracted chaga mushrooms give you some extra energy and supports your immune system, protecting you from those nasty bugs doing the rounds.

Mushroom Hot Cacao With Reishi

For those days when you're seriously stressed out, try a soothing mug of this delicious instant mushroom drink that uses Reishi mushrooms to help you sleep better and leave you chilled.

Another great antioxidant, the Reishi mushroom is known to aid in stress relief.

The Bottom Line

We know it sounds weird, but this is one combination that you're bound to love.

With a steaming hot mug of mushroom coffee, you'll be ready to enjoy a totally different drink experience.

Still not sold? Just think about it: who decided it was normal to mix the juice of a tropical bean with milk in the first place?

Mushroom coffee is bound to be the next big thing for health-conscious coffee drinkers, so grab your mug today and let's all drink a toast to these awesome fungi!

Neat ay?

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