Cacay Face & Hair Oil

Cacay Face & Hair Oil


If you’re anything like me you will appreciate a product that does more than one thing!  You will love efficiency, and an easy routine!  That is why Neat is now producing our own brand of Cacay Oil – the no fuss face and hair oil that is ultra nourishing and deeply beneficial. Cacay oil hails from South America, and is largely grown in the Amazon and recently is being touted as the ‘miracle oil’ due to it’s super-high level of beneficial properties. Has been touted as a wonderful beard oil for the manly-man too…

5 Fast Cacay Facts:

  • It is very high in retinol (3x more retinol than rosehip)
  • It has 50% more vitamin E and linoeic acid than Argan Oil
  • Cacay is well absorbed into the skin with no oily residue
  • Protects from split-ends when added to shampoo and conditioner
  • Is considered to be anti-inflammatory, containing Vitamins A, E & F

50ml glass oil pump bottle – nice and clean, no droppers! Pump and go.

Contains: Neat Cacay Oil is 100% pure, and extremely high quality, and is not mixed or diluted. Caryodendron orinocense (Cacay Oil)

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