Inspired By Perfume & Cologne Samples

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Samples of our Inspired By Range! 1ml perfume oil in a tester vial. Allowing you to try different aroma’s or have a whole bunch so you can mix it up every day! Great for the tiny night-on-the-town purse too.

100% natural, pure oil and jojoba.

  • True in likeness to the original designer perfume

  • Contains no alcohol or water

  • Sample vial with oil wand

  • Great for travelling and small enough for pocket or handbag


*you may receive an ‘old’ sample, which has 1.5ml oil and crystals in, until that stock runs out! Bonus for you as these were $15 each and we won’t stock them any longer!
*we may not have samples of all perfumes available at all times due to stock demands*