Our Roots


And we mean that in a variety of ways! We're Neat - the brand (we specialise in natural products), and we're Neat - a bit choice, pretty rad, truly awesome. We have integrity in the products we make, and we love what we do. Neat is a bit excited, a bit playful, and a bit ballsy... and we have sass and personality.

We aim to over-deliver, and go the extra mile as that is where business really feels good! So we offer free shipping on every order over $50, and you get samples for free too every now and then so you can try our products.  We hand-write our notes too! We don't believe in perfection, and being hand-labelled and hand-packaged you may find variances - we're ok with it!

We understand family is important to you, and so is your health. You value quality and affordability, and we here at Neat have created our products to align with what we know is important to you! We have your best interests at heart, and that is why we have created products of high integrity that will be less harmful and have a smaller impact on our planet than some mainstream traditional products we have come to use in our households and on our bodies.  We are excited and inspired by the world around us, and our product range is ever-expanding so be sure to check back often for our latest releases.



I'm Abby Packer, the Founder of NEAT... and alongside me you see my biggest supporter and fan, my husband Jason and our fun-loving dogs Bella and Lolly.  Our crazy cat Winnie missed the photo op due to having a hissy-fit. We live in the sweetest spot in New Zealand, New Plymouth Taranaki. I am passionate about bringing you products inspired by those around me that are made with great integrity and kept as affordable as possible, so you can all enjoy them. Through my own battles with health and wellbeing, finally in my thirties I understand the importance of maintaining a healthier and more balanced life and body, and through our natural products, and the other brands I've found along the way - I'm really excited to help you get some of that balance in your life too! 


It was all a bit random really and the inspiration came from my Mother. Toxic results returned from her doctor after months and months of feeling generally tired and unwell. The result was odd considering mother lived a relatively healthy lifestyle and in a fairly toxin-free environment - organic grower, no herbicides, pesticides or chemical household products... and yet a body full of chemicals. Imagine our horror to realise she'd been applying it to HERSELF every day.... literally causing chaos to her hormones, adrenals, and everything in-between. So, as mother is a fussy bugger when it comes to perfume, we soon realised there were few options that wouldn't curl her snout, and so I set about to change that fact. And right there on the spot, Neat was born (wasn't as messy as it sounds).

Since the inception of Neat we have expanded our range to include other skincare products, body products and things to use around the home... plus we stock some of our favourite brands alongside ours, and we plan to continue expanding the range as we identify products that align with our vision for this world!

Taranaki Looking over the Beach, Fitzroy          Fitzroy Lookout, New Plymouth