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THE BEST natural perfumes I've ever tried. I've bought quite a few of the "Inspired by" samples (and normal sizes) and they smell so much like the branded ones (or better in my opinion). I don't wear normal perfume and haven't for years since they're all toxic and I get headaches from them - I'm stoked that I can now finally wear a scent again. Back in the day, they made perfume from plant oil instead of synthetic chemicals like today's perfumes, so buying perfume from Neat means you're actually buying the real deal! And it lasts on your skin for hours, although some more than others.

Plus I LOVE that they try and use as little plastic as possible in postage and packaging. 



I have been a perfume fanatic for over 15 years. I've always been aware of chemicals in my home, but like many, I didn't consider perfume as a concoction of dangerous chemicals! After reading this blog and others, I started researching natural perfumes in NZ and AUS and buying samples. These are my favourite so far! I know that they are truly natural, the ethos is right, the price is right, they dont smell too 'hippie' but also they smell earthy and real and not too heady and fake (like some other 'natural' perfume oil brands out there). Love love love them! Little Petal is my favourite



I am in LOVE with the Mg+plus spray, it instantly relieves any pain or tension in my body and I have been also spraying for a deodorant under my arms and it is incredibly effective! I would highly recommend this, it is LUSH!


I received a mini Neat perfume in one of my recent Astral Collective subscription boxes… SO delicious! I am definitely not going to be buying any chemical based perfumes ever again, I absolutely am in love with your range & look forward to beginning to purchase from your gorgeous, natural range!




Just got the Gucci inspired oil and it legit smells like the real deal! How awesome to have my fave scent but without all the nasties. Super cute crystals in the bottle too for extra special goodness aaand eco friendly packaging yay!!! I'm so glad I found you Neat xox


Perfume - Custom Blend

Recently I had been looking online for a Lime male cologne as a present for my partner. After countless hours of reading reviews and trying to find the best product (and price) I remembered about our NZ company Neat. After looking on Neat's website to see there was no lime perfume/cologne I decided to contact them to see if this was something they could make for me. I received a very prompt response, quick delivery, affordable price, great customer service and an awesome product!



When someone smells good, they're automatically more attractive aren't they? The inspired by fragrances are lush and even better they're made from natural products - Go NEAT or go home!


I recently purchased the Neat 10ml Sweet Child Perfume. I love the simple amber roller bottle which rolls on nicely and allows just enough oil on application for a great smell. I usually go for quite sweet perfumes so wanted to give this a try. I would recommend if first time users to take advantage of the samples as Although I like the smell of it it does seem to change on my skin. I have had this bottle now for a few months now and I use it numerous times daily and I’ve only gone through 1/3 of the bottle so is a great value for money compared to how much you spend on chemical laden perfumes. I have already got my eye on the new range which luckily for me has the “smells like” version of my old perfume. Supporting a N.Z business, less exposure to chemicals, great ethos Xxx Highly recommend this product - Thanks



I have both the roll on and spray versions of Wild and Free and I completely love it! The perfect summer scent and oh-so light. I usually use the spray in the morning and touch up with the roller if I need to. I find the oil roller seems to wear a little longer but it could be that it transfers more to clothing - either way the perfume lasts the whole day!




I use the palo santo sticks most days for cleansing and shifting energy in my house and sacred spaces. I love the smell and the the wood is top quality. A great alternative to sage or incense which can be quite heady and heavy. LOVE!



I loved all the perfumes it was hard to pick a fav but iffy wood would definitely be up there! I can’t wait to try one of the new Range.. I also love the fact it’s natural and isn’t overpowering as some other chemists perfumes I’ve tried give me headaches. Neat is 100% great stuff!



Oh wow...the Inspired by perfume range is amazing! 
I get comments all the time, my perfume is noticeable, yet subtle. The fragrance lasts all day, is natural & is an affordable price. 
And I smell divine!! Absolutely recommend the Inspired by range!


Hemp & Aloe Body Oil

I started using the oil for my hands which were dry and sore due to eczema and from the very first time I used it, I felt instant relief. It was also the first time in a long time I woke up with my hands not feeling dry. I now use it daily on my hands, neck, face and arms and I wouldn’t be with out it and would definitely recommend it!!


Cacay Face & Hair Oil

I have eczema prone skin and I'm very particular on what products I put on my skin especially on my face...until I met CaCay Oil. My skin loves it! No more dry skin and it feels lush on. Totally recommend this product.




Cacay Oil is amazing, I can already see and feel a difference within a week!



I absolutely love the natural perfumes, especially Little Petal, which has become an every day favourite, and people have commented on how beautiful it smells! Fantastic customer service too - thank you very much! 



My trial perfumes arrived today.  They smell lovely!
Thanks for the free sample too!  Awesome products and service.



The Cacay oil is a must!!!! Being a landscape gardener for 20 yrs now, I always had a problem with dry hair, sunmarks on my forehead from being badly burnt on a job, spots and my chest looking like a 60 year old!! Trying many products, expensive and cheap never worked...with sound solid advice from Abby I have been using Cacay oil twice a day after showers on my face neck and hair etc for the past few months my sunspots are fading as well as my sun marks on my forehead, and my chest looks like a 30 yr old.....I can't believe how my hair looks, shiny, moisturized and it's grown so much.....thanks!!



I'm seriously impressed with how amazing the shampoo bar and conditioner bar is. My hair is so light and and clean, all my natural curl is back! It froths up easily and smells amazing. 2 less plastic bottles in my bathroom from now on.



So happy to have stumbled across this gorgeous company. Great service and beautiful products - thank you : )



Check out these pics taken a week apart. I had just applied the oil for the first picture. It’s amazing, I love it and I am definitely a fan... It’s also the first time in ages I am waking up with my hands not feeling sore and dry.





As a Mum, always cuddling and holding my little people, it's so important to me to not be constantly rubbing toxins onto them! I'd forgone perfume for the past while as I hadn't been able to find a natural perfume that lasts a few hours, smells incredible, and is reasonably priced. Now I have - stoked! Thanks Neat for using quality ingredients, I purchased the triple mini set and can't wait to purchase a full size soon! Still deciding which is my fave...



The most fantastic products highly highly recommended the shaving oil omg!? how did I live without it?!



Nourishing natural products made with love. My husband and I swear by the shaving oil and the body oil so Devine.


SHower & shaving oil

Oh em geeeeeeee there are absolutely no words for how amaaaaaaazing this (Shower & Shaving) product is. I’m obsessed can never run out. My skin looks and feels incredible

Jaimie B


I absolutely love all 4 of the fragrances !!! 
Traditional French perfumes can often give me a headache , especially floral based , or they smell weird on me . Not these perfumes ! They smell devine and no headaches!



LOVE Little Petal! This will definitely be my new signature scent!



I wish I had this perfume when my son was a baby as I couldn’t wear any perfume for over a year because if i did he would end up smelling like it for days and if freshly put on would gas him out. This perfume is perfect for new mums as you can still wear perfume while you snuggle and feed without worrying about it being too strong or it getting on them as there are no nasty chemicals. Plus the roll on means you can be very specific where you put the perfume.
Highly recommend to all Mums out there!

Paula James


If anyone’s looking for a sweet lip balm/cuticle conditioner buy this – I’ve tried it and it’s amazeballs aannddd it last’s for ages.



I purchased the sample pack and have found them all to be amazing. People are always commenting on my perfume and asking “what it is” and I have no hesitation in telling them about Neat. Well done guys!!!



I just got my mini sampler in the post today and I am in loooove with your fragrances!  Can’t pic a fav. Love them all!



I just wanted to let you know I love my triple hit mini perfumes so much I have just ordered some more to send to my daughter to try… I’m still deciding which is my favourite but will definitely be back to get some larger sizes! Keep up the fab work!



I purchased the set of 3 purse size perfumes a while back and absolutely LOVE them!! Although I enjoy all 3 fragrances I went on to purchase the 50ml Wild & Free. I wear it everyday and it really lifts my mood when I spray it on! When I first spray it’s fresh and minty from the peppermint, as it warms to my skin there are notes of vanilla and Rose and finally later on I can smell the rosewood, sandalwood. I love this fragrance and can’t get enough! Will definitely be back again!



I chose sweet child first of all and then saw that it had sold out so I decided to quickly grab two more so I could try them as well. I had been looking at your perfumes for a few weeks, and this special was just what I needed! It is hard to say which of the three I purchased would be my favourite. All 3 (I got sweet child, wild and free, and little petal) last all day with their scent evolving over the day. None of them are over powering and are nice smelling with no acid or nose curling notes like some other more traditional perfumes can be. I would say if I had to choose one it would be little petal, as it is a softer perfume but they each have their place and will all get used I am sure   Thanks so much for the special to try the new spray bottles. The bottles themselves are great and well and one or two sprays is enough for the whole day! Bronwyn


Absolutely love these. Only perfume I will wear from now on.



Absolutely amazing same day service!! I can’t wait to try them all. I am loving little petal so far.



Little Petal is definitely sweet at first, but then leave it for a while and the other beautifully entwined scents break through. A great day wear, or for an evening out to remind us that Summer will always be just around the corner, uplifting and natural. Thanks Neat.



In love! Best perfume I’ve ever used!



Just purchased some beautiful perfumes I’m super impressed and love them so much, I heard so much about these perfumes through MMNZ that I had to try for myself, I’m so glad I did, I love the fact they are NZ made and made with natural products which for me its skin friendly!! These Perfumes are amazing thank you xox



This stuff smells amazing! I got one the other day for a dad and I’ll be honest, I’m wearing it myself! I cant wait to try more Neat scents!



I was lucky enough to try Sweet Child recently, in the past I have found natural perfumes to be strong and incredibly woody but this was delicious, light, invigorating with a modern sweetness. I’m going to have to buy a big bottle of it because I can’t stop using it!



I like to live a holistic lifestyle so I love knowing that Neat perfume is made from all natural ingredients & I can’t believe how beautiful the fragrance is- I also love the size, I have one in my car, my bag & my make up bag! Win win win!

Emily G


Thanks for the sample! I can tell it will last for ages. This one (sweet child) is SO MY FAV!!!

Emma D


I purchased the Wild and Free a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it! Gorgeous fragrance



I got a sample of the wild and free a few weeks back and love it. My fave natural perfume!



I ordered a sample of this (Wild & Free) with my full size bottle of sweet child and now I wish I’d ordered the full size. It smells amazing!

Samantha F


Thank you they arrived this morning and I have been trying to pick a favourite all day but cant as they are all really goooood!!  Wild & Free may win though.

Shiree B


I just had to message you to let you know the perfume samples just arrived and WOW! Natural perfumes are so often hit and miss and it’s hard to find something that I really love but I can honestly say I love all three of yours! Sweet Child is definitely my favourite but I really love and could wear any of them… yum!

J Mullinger


Thank you for the Sample! What an amazing smell… I really like it.

M Preston


The Sweet Child perfume smells amazing! Love love love that it’s all natural!

H Cooper


Both neat perfumes that I smelt today were Amazing ..have put my order in already!!

E Robins


Love my petite bottle of Sweet Child   Makes me happy wearing it T Dillon


My bottle of Sweet Child is soooooooo delish – natural earthy yummy treat, absolutely loving it. Gonna hit up your other one soon. Amazing work.

Rose L


I love wild & free. I’m not big on strong sweet smells. If I was to describe wild & free I would say it’s earthly smelling with a hint of sweet. Its very pleasant and I love that it’s natural.

Kylie H