Eco Wipes | Dry Wipes infused with essential oils

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Compact and light, all natural with no alcohol or preservatives and completely biodegradable, giving a pure and radiant experience. These natural cotton dry eco wipes are a must-have for the busy traveller, Mum, sportsperson, or anyone who needs to freshen up on the go! Great for on the boat fishing, out hiking, or kept in the car console for emergencies! Just add water and - instant wipe!

Why go dry?!?  Compact and easy to store - plus - Wet wipes easily dry out over time when left in warm places such as houses and cars, or are usually in bulky packs that aren't handy to carry in a purse or first aid kit! With a dry compact eco wipe all you need is water, and your wipe is 'activated' and ready to be used for any occasion at anytime... we generally all carry water with us, or you can just dunk in a clean stream or puddle if that's all you have!

Each towel is a compressed cotton 'tablet' infused with essential oils. Add a small amount of water and they turn into an aromatic, cleansing, wipe.

  • 15 Eco Wipes in a compostable resealable zip-lock bag
  • 40 Eco Wipes in a compostable resealable zip-lock bag

Soft, Unbleached and Undyed - this towel Opens to a 25 x 22cm / 9.8 x 8.7 inch wipe once wet. The dry compacted wipe is approximately 2cm diameter and 0.6cm depth before adding water.

A handy way to get fresh - Currently comes in TWO ESSENTIAL OIL OPTIONS: Rose or Lavender, or Fragrance Free for sensitive skin.

Both the wipe and the zip-lock packaging are home compostable. Our packaging is also reusable if you prefer to re-use before composting. 

***  Please be considerate and responsible of your environment when disposing of anything ***

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