SustainaBLAH Safety Razors + Replacement Blades

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A razor by any other name, would not look so sweet. Reusable, made to last and in beautiful colours to suit your personality or style. Being kind to the environment has never felt so good.

  • Rose Gold, Charcoal or Silver colours available
  • Platinum stainless steel shaver
  • 94.85mm in length
  • Chrome plated
  • Twist to open design
  • Double edge / butterfly razor

Packaged in hemp bag with 1 razor blade.

Additional Replacement Razor Blades can be purchased in lots of 5 or 10. Replacement blade packets do not include a razor.

This razor is absolutely perfect to use with Neat Shower & Shaving Oil! What a combo!

Watch how to change the blades - super easy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Not great for legs

I used the shaver with the oil and it wasn't great on my legs with thick hair I got shaving bumps and nicks and rash I was actually excited to use it I was pretty disappointed 😔.

Best razor

I love this razor, easy to set up, easy to change blades, close shave best investment , thanks heaps

Not for thick hair

Love the design of this razor, the twist-to-remove blade design is very user friendly! However I'm super gutted this doesn't work for me, as it's not designed for thick hair. The blade doesn't protrude enough so it just runs straight over my thick hair. Get much better results with my terrible plastic supermarket razors. Wish I tried the leaf razor instead unfortunately..

Thanks for giving us some feedback. x

How do you clean?

I find the razor gets clogged super fast. How are you supposed to clean it correctly and unclog/clean the razor?

hi Rochelle, if your razor is getting clogged it could be because the water temp isn't so hot, I suggest running it under the shower head from the back of your razor to blast out any hairs and oil build up. You can also tap a small amount of soap onto an old toothbrush and give it a quick scrub. Also running it under some boiling water will rinse it out for you. Thanks for your feedback. Have a lovely xmas. x

Brenda A
Neat little tin

Exactly as described. You get a close shave everytime

Can't beat a good shave x :-D

Tracy Bell
A Maze Ing

Well sometimes the old fashioned way is just the best!! Hve had my SustainaBLAH razor for over a month and just love it. Had to learn very quickly not to apply as much (if any) pressure as I did with the old Venus shaver but no shaver burtn or lumps and I also purchased the oil and this was also a game changer. Hubby also now uses the oil and loves it.

That's great Tracy, thanks for the support. xx

Love it!

When i first opened it, i was skeptical but i am so stoked i gave it a fair go! The closest shave I have ever had! Love love love this razor! Used with the shaving oil aswell which is also amazing.

Fantastic thanks Riky. :-)

Amazing shaver

I bought this and the oil together, this shaver is amazing. I always used venus shaver, but razor blades would blunt after a few weeks and leave a rash. Not with this shaver, very clean and great shave

Good to hear the razors are working well for you. Thank you again Tarsh

Great shaver and oil

Recently purchased the shave and oil. Love them both easy to use easy to change the blade the oil feels really nice. Even my husband has noticed a difference in the new shave to the old one I used to use. Will definitely keep buying the blades and oil as I need

Thanks for the great review and your support Gardenia. x

Stylish but the razor makes me uneasy

I bought this a month ago in rose gold. While it is quite stylish, it also makes me uneasy. It's quite sharp & the way it's designed has the blade sticking out a little more than a Venus, for example. So, anytime I shave, I'm very aware of the blade & always make sure it glides vertically. I can't let it slip sideways because I'll cut myself.
Speaking of which there have been times where I've nipped myself. Not a cut; more like a slightly raised bump in my skin.

Thanks so much for the feedback Nora, you do certainly have to be mindful when using a 'safety razor' as they are not very forgiving! I have provided this feedback to the maker, Sustainablah so they are aware ;)


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