Cacao | Pure Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao by Cacaokeeper


We have a beautiful, rich and chocolatey Cacaokeeper Pure Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao available for all your delicious cacao needs!


  • Solid 100% Cacao
  • Blends to a creamy and rich cacao
  • Certified Organic & Fair Trade
  • Only water needed (and sweetener if desired)
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Read all about our ethos in product info



This is our 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao, the real deal when it comes to cacao and her medicine. This is the solid form of certified organic cacao, before it is further refined and separated into cacao powder and cacao butter. It has the perfect (just as nature made it) ratio of all that cacao is.

Due to this purity, it creates a rich and creamy cacao, with only water needed (and a little sweetener if you want that). Intention is a big part of a home ceremony, so with each 300g bag you will receive an intention setting card to personalise and place on your altar (or anywhere special).

Each component of cacao is from the same farm in Northern Peru. This cacao is shade grown, and of the native strain criollo. What this means is that our cacao supports the restoration of native strains, and sustainable agricultural practices. 'Rescue Cacao' is another name for this source, as it too provides a substantial wage for families who tend to the cacao, thus keeping them from turning to monoculture farming or illegal crop farming just to make a decent wage.

We are proud of this, and each purchase contributes towards this positive impact. We believe all of our products and components of ceremonial cacao should be from the best source possible, and this is a priority! All of our cacao is shade grown in Northern Peru, and has taken a few years to find a source this great. Shade grown cacao is the natural habitat for cacao to be grown in (unlike monocropping where there is a whole field of cacao trees), it grows under the shade of other local fruits trees such as papaya and banana. This sustainable agriculture has also enabled the farmers to product great quality yield and restore the native strain of criollo cacao.

Another important factor for us, is the supply chain. We are two degrees of knowing the farmers who directly grow our cacao. Win win win! This type of dedication to our product sourcing enables us to be certain that each cup of cacao is supporting the expansion of not only ourself, but the collective, even each handler and farmer involved in producing the cacao or coconut sugar. Heavy metals are tested in our cacao and are below required safety specifications, including levels of cadmium. 300g home compostable bag - with a beautiful card to set your intention with!

Directions for Use:

  • Take your special cacao cup and measure out required water per serve (200ml)
  • Add water to a pot to warm
  • Grate off approx. 2 heaped tablespoons of cacao pure (per 200ml serve)
  • Blend together cacao pure and warm water, add sweetener/spice of your choice
  • Return to the pot to heat further Infuse your love
  • Enjoy


What is ceremonial cacao?
For us ceremonial cacao is about intention. Each component of this cacao has been a refinement over a few years. It is only now that we have a source of cacao and coconut sugar that is of full alignment with our beliefs of living in harmony with nature. This cacao is different than what would would pick up from your local shop, and that is due to a few things - the source of cacao, the intention for making the product in the first place, and the intended use of the product. Cacao Keeper intends that you will prepare, and drink your cacao as a time to deepen your connection to self, others and/or nature. This is you creating ceremony for yourself. 

What do I need to prepare this cacao?

  • Fresh water 
  • Heat source
  • Pot  

Do I need to add milk?
No, only water is needed for a thick and creamy blend. This is part of keeping this cacao pure and ceremonial, is keeping all components as pure as possible. 

How long will my Cacao Blend last for? 
There is a long shelf life for this cacao, 1 year. We expect you will drink it all before it gets near going bad. Keep the package sealed tight or in a jar. If it is warm weather you may notice darker spots in the blend - this is perfectly normal - it is the small pieces of cacao butter melting at that temperature. It does not effect the shelf life of your cacao blend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rich and warming

My first time trying ceremonial cacao and this product over-delivered on my expectations. Will be buying again. Love the richness of this cacao.

Zara Maria Clark
Gorgeous ceremonial cacao

Exceptional standard of purest Peruvian cacao.
Much gratitude

Thank you so much Zara - so pleased you love it!! x

Linda Ho
Amazing product

I love the pure cacao it’s my favourite to use for me and my clients.

Can highly recommend its neat it’s an amazing service and awesome quality

Thanks for your feedback Linda, am so glad you and your clients are enjoying the Cacao. :-)

Creamy and chocolaty

Love the creaminess and chocolaty and taking the time to relax and enjoy. I have tried other products before but didn't have the richness.
Quick delivery and amazing packaging and I like the intention card that came with it.

Thank you so much Michelle! Really appreciate the feedback.. this cacao is just next level huh!?! - so delish! xx all the best

Jenna Hitchcock
High Quality Cacao!!

I love this cacao, I have tried and test many different varieties and strains of cacao and the quality of this ceremonial cacao is flawless.

It delivers a rich and creamy cup of cacao every time!

Thanks so much Jenna!! ;) Really appreciate the lovely feedback! x

Love In A Mug

This is my second bag and I absolutely love it. This cacao is so rich and smooth with a smell that is absolutely divine. I love the deep loving energy it creates when made and drunk with intent.

Oh thank you so much Lorella!! Isn't it just divine - so pleased you love it so much! Appreciate the lovely review x

crystal mcvicar
Nom nom nom

Beautiful raw chunks of cacao that you grate yourself, melts easily and effortlessly, beautiful texture, taste and energy . Will definitely purchase again and always have on hand!

So pleased you love that chunky cacao goodness Crystal!! Enjoy x thank you for the kind words!


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