Pure Organic Ceremonial Cacao

We have a beautiful, rich and chocolatey Ceremonial BLEND available for all your delicious cacao needs! 


  • All-in-one powdered blend ready for you to just heat with water
  • Certified Organic & Fair Trade 
  • Coconut sugar sweetened
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Shade grown Cacao in Peru 

*Please note due to COVID int'l shipping issues we sadly won't have Cacao PURE raw block for the foreseeable future. We will let you know on Social Media when it comes back! Sorry, we miss it too!! x


    This is our all in one blend that comes blessed, ready for you to just heat with water, and enjoy!  A blend of Cacao Powder, Cacao Butter, and Coconut Sugar. This simple and sweet blend is combined by hand with love, at the perfect ratio. 

    Inside each bag of cacao blend there are three simple ingredients, sourced from two farms. Each component of cacao in our blend is from the same farm in Northern Peru. This cacao is shade-grown and of the native strain criollo. What this means is that our cacao supports the restoration of native starins, and sustainable agricultural practices. 'Rescue Cacao' is another name for this source, as it too provides a substantial wage for families who tend to the cacao, thus keeping them from turning to monoculture farming or illegal crop farming just to make a decent wage. We are proud of this, and each purchase contributes towards this positive impact. The coconut sugar is the third ingredient, sourced from the other one farm in Fiji with amazing sustainable and renewable practices.

    We believe all of our products and components of ceremonial cacao should be from the best source possible... and this goes the same for the coconut sugar we source for this blend. We are proud that this coconut sugar comes from a small production in Fiji, where there are renewable energies used and sustainable production facilities. This type of dedication to our product sourcing enables us to be certain that each cup of cacao is supporting the expansion of not only ourself but the collective, even each handler and farmer involved in producing the cacao or coconut sugar.

    360g home compostable bag - with a beautiful card to set your intention with!

    Directions per serve (approx 250ml)

    • Place desired amount of water in a pot on the stove (approx 250ml per serve)
    • Add two heaped spoons of cacao blend per serve
    • Allow water and cacao to heat up on the stove top
    • Once Cacao blend begins to dissolve into water, stir or whisk until bubbly and fully combined 
    • Pour back into your favourite cup
    • Set an intention and gratitude
    • Create ceremony for yourself!

    Some people prefer to add the ingredients to a blender to combine fully, and that is perfectly ok too! 


    What is ceremonial cacao?
    For us ceremonial cacao is about intention. Each component of this cacao has been a refinement over a few years. It is only now that we have a source of cacao and coconut sugar that is of full alignment with our beliefs of living in harmony with nature. This cacao is different than what would would pick up from your local shop, and that is due to a few things - the source of cacao, the intention for making the product in the first place, and the intended use of the product. Cacao Keeper intends that you will prepare, and drink your cacao as a time to deepen your connection to self, others and/or nature. This is you creating ceremony for yourself. 

    What do I need to prepare this cacao?

    • Fresh water 
    • Heat source
    • Pot  

    Do I need to add milk?
    No, only water is needed for a thick and creamy blend. This is part of keeping this cacao pure and ceremonial, is keeping all components as pure as possible. 

    How long will my Cacao Blend last for? 
    There is a long shelf life for this cacao, 1 year. We expect you will drink it all before it gets near going bad. Keep the package sealed tight or in a jar. If it is warm weather you may notice darker spots in the blend - this is perfectly normal - it is the small pieces of cacao butter melting at that temperature. It does not effect the shelf life of your cacao blend.


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