100% Natural Cotton Bag

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This 100% Natural Cotton bag is handy for all kinds of things! 

  • Pop your snacks in it when you're on the go.
  • Small bag for childrens activities.
  • Toiletries or makeup bag while travelling. 
  • Doggies training treats bag.
  • Jewellery Stash Bag.
  • Trash bag for on the kids pram or in the mum-bag!
  • Put a sandwich in it! No-one will take that beauty from the work fridge!

Endless uses!

'Baby Bag'  is made from 100% natural cotton. It is a multipurpose drawstring bag, which is the perfect household item. It is thin and light, but still strong enough to carry daily essentials. As reusable bag, it can be gently washed and ironed, but do not tumble dry.

Size: 15 cm x 20 cm, Made in NZ by Tui, Hand-stamped by Neat!