Menstrual Cup Cleaning Guide


To ensure that your cup lasts a long time please make sure you follow our care instructions:

Firstly, well done on taking the plunge and investing in yourself, your future, and the future of Mama earth - you are to be commended for your contribution in reducing waste, and using something natural for your sanitary protection! Secondly, double high-five because your purchase also helped another woman receive a cup that she couldn’t afford. We love that!! Now, we know life isn’t always practical, and It’s not always possible to be in the perfect toilet, with the perfect basin right there with you to rinse your menstrual cup at your will, and leave the loo with not a care in the world! And in some cases we don’t even have the luxury of water! But rest assured there is always an option, and at the end of the day you can withstand not cleaning the cup for a wee while anyhow, so no need to fret. We have detailed a few options below that you may find helpful on your journey using menstrual cups, and your new life as a planet saving legend! Most cups are made from medical grade silicone, but be sure if you didn’t purchase from us, that yours is!

Before your period - boiling your cup: 

  • Take you menstrual cup out of its box or bag and pop it into a pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes to ensure that it is sterilised before use. Please watch the pot so you do not forget about it and melt your cup!

  • Or Take your menstrual cup out of its box or bag. Pop a Milton tab or steriliser tablet in a cup of water and submerge your cup for at least 30 mins.

Your cup is best stored in a ventilated cotton storage bag until your period starts, and is best left to air dry once its been boiled.

Make sure you wash your hands first every time. It is essential to maintain proper hygiene as much as possible when dealing with reusable sanitary items.

During your period: When your remove your menstrual cup to empty you can do either of the following:

Cups can be worn for up to 12 hours depending on flow, but don’t have to be washed with warm water every time, if it’s not possible to do so!

Here’s a few options aside from good old cold tap water… (which may be cold to re-insert btw!!)

  • Rinse with fresh water (either in the sink OR you can take a water bottle with you and rinse into the toilet bowl)

  • Rinse with fresh water whilst you shower

  • Clean with a Menstrual Cup Cleansing Wash

  • Rinse with an antibacterial soap (commercially produced soap may reduce the life of your cup)

  • Rinse with a mixture of water and white vinegar

  • Rinse with a silicone friendly cleaner such as hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, diluted according to their bottle instructions.

  • If you cannot do either of these or don’t have access to appropriate facilities, just empty your cup and re-insert and clean the next time you empty.

  • If you are in a public restroom, or somewhere with no running water and you need to clean your cup, you can take a bottled water in with you to rinse your cup in the toilet.

  • You can always have cup wipes on hand for emergencies and camping or outdoors situations, when it’s not possible to wash the cup.

After your period:

  • Pop your menstrual cup into a pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes and then pop back into its cotton storage bag or box until you require it again.

  • OR boil it in a open container in the microwave for 3 mins

  • OR cold sterilise in Milton solution.

  • Your silicone cup is best stored in the ventilated cotton storage bag supplied with your cup.

  • Applaud yourself for saving the planet once again this month, and not putting loads of garbage into the world!! You bloody legend!

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