Leverage the power of the feminine cycle and learn how you can 'go with the flow', and harness the innate powers that come with being female.


Growing up as a young female all I was really educated on was the fact we menstruated once a month and that was a super annoying inconvenience unless you wanted to have children, and we weren't ever educated on the other 3 weeks in the cycle. So it was not until my mid-thirties that I started realising there was a great majority of my feminine cycle that was being overlooked, and there was more to this cycle thing than just getting our periods and having sex and babies... but what?
Come and learn the 4 seasons of your cycle, and how you can best use them to create a more peaceful experience that is 'being woman', and utilise your given powers at the most opportune time of the month so you may have greater success and experience more happiness!
Our femme-facilitator, Morgana Watson will guide us to explore what it is to be a woman throughout the entire month, and why we experience what we do - not just one week of the month but through the entire cycle - fusing together tikanga Māori with modern science from Alisa Vitti.
Feel free to send us a message once you have registered, and have your personal questions answered on the day so you get the most out of the workshop!
You will leave this workshop with an idea of how you can implement your own strategy to make the most of your cycle, rather than dread the ups and downs and ebbs and flows!
Each attendee will receive a goodie bag from Neat Natural Products.
It is optional to join us at the end of the workshop to share in a relaxed potluck snack, and continue discussions and connect with the other women, and if so please bring a small shared plate!

What participants said about a previous Neat event...

"I have to say I was completely mind blown by the Soul Sister Connect event, and so very grateful I was able to be apart of that event. I am keen to take this journey of self discovery further with heightened awareness and solid intention and look forward to the next one. I have spent a decent amount of time living for my family and I am super excited to live more for me, really get to know me and flourish in the light. Thank you again for your beautiful mind and for the inspiration to be devoted more to me and to be ok with that, you are appreciated."

"What a gift Abby's workshop was. It was just what I needed to rejuvenate, rest and nourish. The food was delicious, the company was great and I left feeling connected and content. I look forward to another one."