From Inspired by, to Fierce and beyond!

  • 2 min read

Over a year ago we launched the beautiful Inspired By Range of perfumes, and we had no idea they would become the favourite for so many, but they swiftly did. Earlier in 2019 we started experiencing supply issues for our perfume oils which by mid-2019 had become impossible to continue with... so I made the very difficult decision to stop dealing with our supplier and discontinue the perfume line altogether. In doing so, we started receiving emails and messages from many people wanting to know if we could keep selling them... so we started looking deeper and found a company who we could work with who could provide the incredible aromas we have become accustomed to... but in a slightly different way... crafted from a blend of both natural and skin-safe synthetic ingredients. 

We started having conversations with both customers and stockists, and it was surprising and encouraging to hear that many would be happy to use such a blend - as many live a low-tox life of balance... and like me some days eat no veggies and live on toast... and while using a majority of natural products a majority of the time, may still opt to use such a beautiful perfume, that is a blend of natural and synthetic.   

So we created an entirely new perfume line (Fierce Fragrances), with a new logo and a whole new look and feel (so there is no confusion between old and new), and decided that we really still did want to have these scents as an option, as we've fallen in love! It's become our pleasure to be the reason people feel uplifted and amazing as they go about their day, and so we decided that our transparency in this change allows people to decide for themselves if the fragrances align, and if they don't they can choose not to buy them.  

We used this as an opportunity to streamline the way we sell them too, by having the entire range as one listing, with multiple options, which will make it easier for people to find the scent they want. 

And, we also decided to use it as an opportunity to bring an important message to all you Neat people out there in a time when people can feel so disempowered, disenchanted and often overwhelmed... we're here to remind you that you are a FIERCE human being... and no matter what you are presented with in life we want to remind you how fierce you are everyday you put your perfume on - whether you're a FIERCE BADASS, FIERCE QUEEN, or want to experience FIERCE BLISS in this life, or be a FIERCE ADVENTURER. 

Take charge, believe in yourself, and keep moving forward. It's what I had to do when this unfortunate set of circumstances presented itself... and while not everyone will agree with where we've come to in this journey of fragrances... it's your choice to buy, or not to buy and we support you and love you all the same!  I want you to know, we're not just here to sell you things, we're here to give you an experience - one we hope you will LOVE x