Why you need to switch to a Natural Deodorant + DIY Recipe!

Why you need to switch to a Natural Deodorant + DIY Recipe!

Posted by Neat Natural Products on 31st Jul 2018

You know what's nastier that the smell of B.O (body odour)??

Putting nasty chemicals on your pits, THAT'S WHAT!!

Conventional deodorants are full of utter crap that we shouldn't put anywhere near our sensitive areas, lymph nodes, or..well... THE BODY! Aluminium, Triclosan, and Synthetic Perfume are just a few of the ingredients that could cause immediate irritation, and long-term harm.

And while it may take you awhile to find a natural deo that (a) works for you, and (b) you LIKE! We highly advise switching this one out for a natural product.. and here's WHY!

DID YOU KNOW your body needs to sweat and perspire... it's 100% a normal function and 100% necessary. The body uses it as a way to regulate your temperature AND to expel toxins from your body, which enables proper immune function and can prevent disease.



THE SKIN IS A GIANT ORGAN... so like any organ in the body it has some really important functions for healthy living (like sweating!!) So - DO NOT attempt to prevent it by using anti-perspirant or other deodorants that may block the normal function of sweat glands... it could affect your health in ways that aren't immediately apparent.

Were you aware that sweat doesn't actually smell.... it's not until it contacts the bacteria on the skin that the odour is generated... pretty interesting huh!

So - the solution - IS BLOODY SIMPLE! Personally I make my own and the recipe is below for you to try. But if you lack the time or inclination, try Black Chicken Axilla (available at our favourite online stockist Oh Natural) - this is one I have tried and enjoyed in the past before having success with my home-made version (which isn't for everyone). And what I've found since switching to natural deodorant a few years ago is that I stink LESS and I use LESS deodorant as a result - some days I don't even need to use it at all, and I never used to be able to go a day without... so go figure!

Once you cease using a traditional deodorant, it is advised to wear nothing for approx. 3 days to allow the body to expel toxins that it may have had clogging your pores, and then when you use a natural deodorant you should see less irritation. Many contain baking soda which is naturally anti-bacterial and prevents odour... but can cause irritation to those more sensitive, or going through a bit of a detox-a-pit period...

ANYWAY... here's the recipe - it's 4 ingredients that you likely already have them in cupboard!


6 TBSP coconut oil
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup arrowroot | cornstarch
A few drops lavender (or oils of your choice)
Mix it all together in a jar (it's easier if the coconut oil is a little soft)

Use as required by taking a pea sized amount and massaging it into your underarm.

If warmer weather keep in the fridge or a cool place.